Apprise Music Collaborates With China’s Tencent Music Entertainment Group To Promote African Music Using PDM AI Technology (Predictive Model)

The partnership, according to the music distribution platform, will give African Artists and labels access to Tracks Ratings and Assessments on AI insights and predictions on the market potential for music tracks based on AUDIO and LYRICS.

The deep learning technology, PDM, recognizes music quality and market potential based on a deep understanding of AUDIO and LYRICS without streams data. PDM can quickly assess a new song’s potential, identify the ideal playlists on well-known sites like Boomplay to pitch the song with an extremely high success probability, and recommend TikTok marketing videos.

Empowering African Musicians with Predictive Music Analytics

For the purpose of pitching new releases, its Playlist Analysis function will show the best playlist possibilities from a variety of music streaming services like Boomplay. PDM (Predictive Model) contains Audience Profile Prediction, which targets an audience using AI analysis of artist data, music content (audio and lyrics), and the tracking of shifting global music trends.

Playlist Analysis

By simulating hot videos that have been carefully selected to go with your music, the AI prediction technologies offer a Short-video Promotion Analysis tool that can inspire ideas on how to make upcoming releases go viral.

Apprise Music provides global digital music distribution and promotions to important platforms like Boomplay, Audiomack, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and many more. It also offers bespoke digital release strategies for artists and labels across all platforms increasing visibility, engagement, sales, and streams.

The insights and forecasts that African artists and record labels have always desired to further develop their music release plans, such as marketing and promotions, are now available to them thanks to this relationship. Since the musicians and labels we represent across Africa now frequently employ AI insight data analytics, it has already significantly influenced the choices of the majority of artists.

Michael Bamfo, CEO Of Apprise Music Distribution

According to Tencent Music Entertainment Group, it is the biggest music technology company on the planet. The Lyra Lab of TME (Tencent Music Entertainment Group) has exclusively created the PDM (Predictive Model) solution for labels, content suppliers, and DSPs. In order to identify high-potential songs and support decision-making in the music manufacturing and promotion processes, PDM offers AI insights and predictions in numerous dimensions.

Our objective is to utilize technology to increase the number of streams and fan base that your song deserves. Discovery channel has produced a documentary about PDM’s life. We are honored to begin working with apprise music & media, the market leader for music in Africa! Please visit Apprise Music to maximize PDM!

Bin Wu, Director of Lyra Lab, Tencent Music Entertainment Group

Through our partnership with Lyra Lab, a division of Tencent Music Entertainment Group dedicated to bringing new growth and evolution to the music entertainment industry through technological breakthroughs, Apprise Music Distribution is proud to support a generation of independent Artists across Africa.

Audience Profile Prediction
Audience Profile Prediction
Short-video Promotion Analysis
Short-video Promotion Analysis
Bin Wu, Director of Lyra Lab (Tencent Music Entertainment) speaks on partnership with Apprise Music

Credit: Akua Karle Okyere

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