APPRISE MUSIC PLAQUE CRITERIA – How to Earn an Apprise Music Plaque

Apprise Music Plaques

There are different ways musicians can earn recognition through the Apprise Music Recognition Plaque Scheme. The Plaques given out by Apprise Music are categorized into different honours ranging from Honorary to Stream-Based Based Plaques. Below is the full list of Plaques presently being given out by Apprise Music and how you can apply for one if any.

Honorary Plaque

Musicians who show exceptional talent and skill receive this special plaque as a mark of respect for their contribution

  • Fee: N/A
Osagyefo receives an Honorary Plaque
Osagyefo receives an Honorary Plaque

Honorary Stream-Based Plaque

Over 1 Million Streams accumulated across all music platforms.

  • Fee: N/A

Apprise Recognition Plaque

This is given out to artists in partnership with selected awards schemes.

  • Fee: N/A

Stream-Based Plaques

  • Over 1 million streams accumulated across all music platforms a minimum of 50,000 streams accumulated across all music platforms.
  • Price: Ghc2,000.00.
  • This plaque comes with an apprise souvenir pack.
  • A photoshoot session.
  • Personalized press release.
Apprise Music Plaques
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