Are You Addicted to Video Games? Build a Career

Are You Addicted to Video Games Build a Career by Micah Norris

Statistics from Statista suggest more than 3.2 billion people throughout the world played video games in 2021. If you’re one of them and couldn’t imagine a day without Fortnite or Minecraft, consider turning your passion into a career. Fortunately, it may be easier than you think. Today, Apprise Music outlines some of the many opportunities that are available for hardcore gamers.

Consider Playing Video Games for Cash

You can get involved in tournaments that pay cash to the winner. Yes, that’s right; what you do for fun now could be profitable if you’re a skilled-enough player. You could also make money helping people become better players by starting a blog or YouTube channel to provide game tips, secrets, and tutorials. Choose a game that’s popular, such as Minecraft, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or Call of Duty: Black Ops. That way, you’ll access a much larger audience looking for assistance. 

Create a Stellar Resume

SEEK points out that depending on the game-related field you plan to enter, you may need to have some level of education under your belt. If you’re unsure of what qualifications you would need, do some research. 

Fortunately, you may find online schools, courses, and resources so you may conveniently fit time for learning with your current job and responsibilities. For example, if you want to improve your coding skills so that you’re able to craft a precisely designed game that delivers an entertaining experience, visit Code Profs for expert advice.

Set Your Business Up as an LLC

Consider starting your own video game business. By registering your business as an LLC, you protect your assets in the event a lawsuit would occur. It also shields you from being personally responsible for business debt. You’ll receive tax advantages and benefit from both less paperwork and more flexibility. 

Be careful when forming an LLC. Regulations may vary by location, so you’ll need to research the specifics of your location before proceeding. You can hire an attorney, but legal representation can be costly. You can avoid this expense by completing the filing process yourself or opting for a formation service to do it for you. Before choosing a service, research the best LLC services online and read reviews.

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Pave the Way to a Legit Career in Gaming

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By following the tips above, you can turn video gaming into an income stream — either through part-time work, a full-time job, or your own business. Just make sure you start your business off right and know any educational requirements for your field.

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