How to Continue Monetizing Your Passion for Music

Traditional marketing

The way things were traditionally done has pretty much been turned on its head; this much is obvious. This even applies to the way we work. Needless to say, professions such as music, that once used to thrive, aren’t quite as bustling as before. However, there are ways to counteract this temporary lull so that you can continue to monetize your passion for music. Today, Apprise Music shares some tips and resources to help you make the most of your passion.

Consider streaming your performances

If the thrill of performing live is something that you can’t picture yourself not doing, then you can still do so, and quite feasibly too, even if your beloved fans aren’t right in front of you. For example, streaming your music on Apple Music could be a way to generate income through live streams of your songs. Alternatively, using platforms like Facebook and Vimeo could be even easier as you can make money through royalties or advertising revenue, for instance.

YouTube is another option

With around 2.5 billion users on YouTube monthly, according to DataReportal, this is another way to a decent income, especially if you are just starting out, and you want to get noticed in the industry. Moreover, with YouTube’s user-friendly platform, up-and-coming artists can use this extremely effective marketing tool to highlight a new album or gain exposure on social media, for example.

Traditional marketing

Obviously, marketing is essential. These days, social media is a great way to advertise your music, but you should also incorporate some traditional methods, as well. These could include flyers, a newsletter, and business cards. For the latter, these are great to hand out to people or leave a stack of them at venues or coffee shops to help spread the word. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to designing your own business cards, give this tool a look.

Sell your merchandise

Suppose, you have plenty of merchandise ready and waiting to help boost your brand’s exposure, then selling your merchandise online is an excellent way to make extra money when you aren’t performing. Furthermore, if you decide to combine Shopify with Spotify, then you can kill two birds with one stone by increasing exposure for your brand while being able to link to your eCommerce store at the same time.

Start a side hustle

If business has been remarkably quieter than you had anticipated, then perhaps it’s time to start considering how to make money that’s not related to music performances. For example, Pinlearn notes that maybe starting a side business in music tutorship is the way to go if you have a love for teaching others to pursue the arts. Or maybe, you just have a knack for creating beat-bopping melodies and lyrics that you believe music producers would be willing to pay for, then it may be worthwhile offering your services here – for a fee, of course!

While you’re not able to perform as before, starting your own music-related business involves first choosing the right business entity. Structuring it as a limited liability company (LLC) is one option. An LLC has several benefits (e.g., limited liability, tax advantages, less paperwork, flexibility).

Add a studio to your home

If you’re an artist or musician, you know how important it is to have a dedicated space to create. A studio provides a quiet place to work, where you can focus on your craft without distractions. It’s also a great way to build a personal collection of your work. However, setting up a studio can be costly and time-consuming. If you’re short on space or budget, consider adding an art or music studio to your home. These studios are typically smaller and more affordable than traditional studios, and they can be easily added to any room in your house. And if you make it a multifunctional space, you may even raise the value of your home.

Indeed, while the world has changed drastically in many ways, there have also been some positive changes that have occurred amidst the uncertainties of it all, including the inventive ways artists are stepping out of their comfort zones to embrace other passive revenue streams that they might not have considered before. Monetize your music by streaming your performances, filming a video, selling merchandise, or starting a side gig.

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