“Ano dey talk” by Vhictor, featuring the award-winning duo Keche, is taking the world by storm!

Vhictor's unique style, combined with Keche's undeniable talent, creates a musical masterpiece that's guaranteed to make waves on the charts.

Exciting news alert!

“Ano dey talk” by Vhictor, featuring the award-winning duo Keche, is taking the world by storm! This incredible track has skyrocketed to the top of the charts and is trending everywhere you look.

We’re thrilled to announce that “Ano dey talk” is distributed by Apprise Music Distribution, a leading platform that connects talented artists with their global audience.


If you haven’t listened to this sensational collaboration yet, you’re missing out! The infectious beats and catchy lyrics will have you dancing in no time.

Make sure to check out “Ano dey talk” on your favorite streaming platforms, and let the rhythm carry you away!

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