Apprise Music Honours Osagyefo with a Prestigious Award for Outstanding Musical Achievement and a Ghc10,000 Cash Prize

Osagyefo receives an Honorary Plaque

In a resounding celebration of musical excellence, Apprise Music on November 18, 2023, bestowed an Honorary Plaque upon Osagyefo, fondly known as “The Simple Entertainer,” in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the music industry.

The award occurred during a live band performance by Osagyefo at The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. It was also accompanied by a generous Ghc10,000 cash prize, which aims to support Osagyefo’s musical journey and mark a significant milestone in his career.

Osagyefo receives the plaque and cash prize from Grace Nyele, COO of Apprise Music.

A Symbol of Excellence

The Honorary Plaque, engraved with the words “Outstanding Musical Achievement,” serves as a symbol of Osagyefo’s dedication, creativity, and undeniable talent in the realm of music. Apprise Music is a music distribution company known for its commitment to recognizing and promoting deserving artists. The company chose Osagyefo for this prestigious honour due to his remarkable contributions to the music scene.

The Ghc10,000 Financial Support for Artistic Growth

In addition to the symbolic recognition and the Ghc10,000 cash prize from Apprise Music. Osagyefo received other merchandise from Apprise Music. This coupled with the financial support is a testament to Apprise Music’s dedication to fostering artistic growth and ensuring that talented musicians like Osagyefo have the resources they need to continue creating exceptional music and grow their brand.

Marketing and Promotion Boost

Recognizing that talent alone is not always sufficient for success in the competitive music industry, Apprise Music goes a step further by pledging to provide marketing and promotion support for a track on Osagyefo’s latest EP “Serious Times”. Leveraging its industry connections and expertise, Apprise Music will strategically promote Osagyefo’s work, ensuring that his music reaches a broader audience and gains the recognition it deserves.

The company will also collaborate with Osagyefo on the production of one music video for his latest EP titled “Serious Times.” This initiative not only enhances the visual representation of Osagyefo’s music but also opens up new avenues for reaching fans through multimedia platforms. The music video production showcases Apprise Music’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to artists beyond traditional recognition.

Apprise Music’s Passion for Supporting Artists

Apprise Music’s decision to honour Osagyefo is a testament to its passion for supporting and recognizing promising artists. The company believes in the power of music to inspire and connect people, and it actively seeks to uplift artists who demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication to their craft as seen through their most sought-after session named “Apprise Session”.


In honouring Osagyefo with an Honorary Plaque, a Ghc10,000 cash prize, marketing and promotion support, and a music video production for his latest EP, Apprise Music reaffirms its commitment to fostering musical excellence.

The award not only acknowledges Osagyefo’s past achievements but also serves as a catalyst for his future success, illustrating the transformative impact that strategic recognition and support can have on the careers of talented artists. Apprise Music continues to be a driving force in the music industry, dedicated to uplifting and celebrating artists who contribute to the rich tapestry of global music.

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