Janarius Unveils the Hidden Meaning of his Latest Single “Atena”


Janarius, the up-and-coming artist, has been making waves in the music scene with his soulful and captivating sound. His latest single “Atena” has caught the attention of many, and fans are eager to learn more about the inspiration behind the song. In an exclusive interview, Janarius opens up about the meaning behind “Atena.”

According to Janarius, “Atena” is a song about second chances. The title “Atena” means “the net” which Janarius metaphorically means he scored a goal in  “the net”, and the song speaks to the idea that there is always a next time to make things right. Specifically, the song is about a man who is trying to convince the girl he loves to accept his proposal. Despite his previous failed attempts, he believes that there is still a chance for him to win her over.


Janarius explains that the song is about resilience and persistence in the face of rejection. He believes that we should never give up on the things that we truly want and that there is always a next time to try again. “Atena” is a song that speaks to the heart and encourages listeners to keep pushing forward, even when faced with obstacles and setbacks.
The song is not only powerful in its message but also in its delivery. Janarius’ smooth and soulful voice perfectly captures the emotion and vulnerability of the lyrics. The catchy beat and catchy chorus make it a song that is sure to be stuck in your head for days.

Janarius is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new artists on the music scene, and “Atena” is a testament to his talent and creativity. With his soulful sound and meaningful lyrics, Janarius is sure to leave a lasting impression on the industry.


In conclusion, “Atena” is a song about resilience, persistence, and second chances. Janarius’ powerful message and soulful voice make it a song that is sure to resonate with listeners. As Janarius himself says,

“There will always be the next time, and with music like this, we can all believe in the power of second chances”.

“Atena” can be found on various music streaming platforms, and it was distributed by Apprise Music. Don’t forget to Chill and Relax to his music.


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