Maccasio’s ‘Glory’ Album Features Stonebwoy, Jupiter, and Darkovibes

Maccasio's Favourite Track: 'Glory' Leads the Pack on 'Glory' Album

Ghanaian music sensation Sherif Abdul-Majeed, better known by his stage name Maccasio, has revealed the release date for his new album, titled “Glory.”

Stonebwoy, Jupiter, and Darkovibes Join Forces with Maccasio on ‘Glory’ Album

The track release features Ghanaian artists Stonebwoy, Jupiter, and the vocalist and lyricist Darkovibes.

Northern Ghana Takes the Spotlight: Teflon Flex, Drucx & Lcee, Sapashini, and Wiz Child Featured on Maccasio’s ‘Glory’

The collection also highlights some Northern Ghanaian artists such as Teflon Flex, Drucx & Lcee, Sapashini, and Wiz Child.

Blue Beatz, Ojah Drumz, Tizzle, Pee Jay, Unkle Beatz, and Babawvd are credited with producing the collection’s 11-track beat inventory.

Maccasio has revealed how long he has been working on his upcoming album. “It took me three years to put together the ‘Glory Album,'” he exclaims.



Though the most decorated Northern Ghanaian rapper loves and appreciates every single song on the album because each one holds significance, his favorite song among them is “Glory,” which bears the album’s title and is also the first track.


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