Rising Star: The Journey of Revlaytion

Inspired by Sarkodie The Music of Revlaytion

Young and passionate rapper Shaibu, better known by his stage name Revlaytion, is working tirelessly to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He attributes his love of dancing as the foundation of his career and has a passion for it that is known to his friends.

In an interview with Apprise Session, Revlaytion revealed that he never thought he would become a musician. He initially only enjoyed being a dancer and staying within his comfort zone. However, a dream he had changed all that. In the dream, he saw himself performing on stage, capturing the hearts of the audience with his songs. This experience prompted him to step out of his comfort zone and explore his potential as a musician. He started with covers before writing his own songs.

Inspired by Sarkodie: The Music of Revlaytion

Growing up, Revlaytion was inspired by the renowned rap king, Sarkodie. Everything about Sarkodie motivates Revlaytion, and he cites him as his musical influence. He admires how Sarkodie is principled in his speech, dress, and lifestyle.

From Dancer to Rapper: Revlaytion’s Musical Transformation

Revlaytion’s Creative Process
Revlaytion’s raps center on current events and pressing topics that affect the average Ghanaian, much like his inspiration, Sarkodie. He aims to bring hope to music enthusiasts and alleviate their stress through his songs.

Revlaytion’s Releases
Revlaytion has a number of albums under his belt, including “Back to the Sender,” “Fallen Angels,” “Lowkey,” and “Bitter Truth.”

The Ghana Card: The Latest Release from Revlaytion

His latest release, “The Ghana Card,” was inspired by the statement made by Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia about preferring the Ghana Card over the construction of a thousand interchanges. Revlaytion found it amusing how quickly Ghanaians reacted to the statement and the discussions that sprang up about the Ghana Card’s ability to feed the needy and heal the sick.

Revlaytion’s music can be found on all major digital platforms, including Apple Music, Boomplay, and Spotify. Simply search for his name to access his great tunes on these platforms digitally distributed by Apprise Music

Revlaytion – Ghana Card | APPRISE SESSION
Inspired by Sarkodie The Music of Revlaytion

Photos by Revlaytion

Interview Revlaytion


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