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Kennedy Owusu Mpiani, known professionally in music circles as Ken Libertini, is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter based in London, United Kingdom. He was born in Kumasi on 10th January 1969 but comes from a town called Kyekyewere in the Asante Mampong district of Ghana.

Ken Libertini attended Adu Gyamfi Secondary School at Jamasi and proceeded to Wesley College and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where he studied Publishing Administration and came out with an honors degree in 2005. He is a professional teacher and a publisher. He taught for some years and rose to the rank of Assistant Director of Education before embarking on a journey to the United Kingdom where he currently resides.

Early Life/Education
Ken Libertini, or Libertini for short, developed a love for music early in his primary school days and was a member of the Presbyterian Church singing band in his hometown. He started writing songs as far back as 1998 but he could not come out until 2020 when he made a campaign song for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the general elections in Ghana in that year. The title of the song is ‘Hwe Mu Yi Nea Wope’, literally meaning ‘look through and choose whoever you want’. After a challenge of the election results at the Supreme Court by the opposition National Democratic Congress ( NDC), he came out with another single called‘Onyame Akasa Awie’, literally meaning God Has Finally Spoken’, thus thanking God for a peaceful settlement of the results. Both songs can be found on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Music Career

After hitting the airwaves, the song received many favourable comments from listeners and subscribers. But the one that gingered and encouraged him to do more was from a classmate friend called Mr. Kofi Frimpong, who said his song could go for the best campaign song for the year, and that some people discovered their talent very late in life. From that time, he realized that talent has no expiry date. Upon this development, he started working on his next project and came out with the following songs:

  1. Sika Gari
  2. Ate M’ani So
  3. Nyame Nti Yebeye Yie
  4. From Zero To Hero

The album title is Sika Gari and its production was primarily handled by HDMEZ Records. And the producer is called Samuel G. There are no guest appearances on it but he hopes to have one soon in the future. He believes the album is going to be a hit and receive positive reviews from both critics and fans.

Ken Libertini’s songs aim to educate and entertain his fans and music lovers, hence dubbing it as “Eden Music-Education and Entertainment Music ’. He’s very particular about his choice of words and their composition. His words are catchy and entertaining with danceable tunes. His songs are mainly recorded in the local Twi language but also have recorded in English.

Ken Libertini intends to donate most of the proceeds from his music to the less privileged in society, especially the needy but brilliant students. He, therefore, intends to work hard to achieve this goal, and with the help of the Almighty God, his fans, and general music lovers worldwide, he believes he can do it. He also hopes to get sponsors for his music and for future tours around the globe.




Studio Albums
Hwe Mu Yi Nea Wope (2020) [2]
Sika Gari (2022) [4]

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