Obofour Raphael Releases “Afutuo (Counselling)”: A Fusion of Hiplife and Highlife Bliss

In the vibrant landscape of Hiplife and Hip Hop, emerging talent Obofour Raphael takes center stage with the release of his highly anticipated maxi single project, “Afutuo (Counselling).” This captivating compilation is a prelude to his forthcoming debut recording studio album scheduled to hit the airwaves in 2024.

The Maxi Single Project:

The “Afutuo (Counselling)” project features a trio of tracks, each a musical journey in its own right. The songs include the titular “Afutuo,” the lively “Woso Woho,” and the highlife-inspired drill track, “Breakfast,” complemented by two instrumental pieces.

Afutuo: A Jazzy Highlife Delight:

“Afutuo” is a melodic, jazzy highlife piece that showcases Obofour Raphael’s musical prowess. Featuring Hiplife pioneer Swazy B and the legendary songstress Nana Ama, the track is a beautiful collaboration produced and engineered by the esteemed Zapp Mallet. The international trumpeter, Gideon Adu Ampong (Pitches), adds a magical touch with his live horn performance.

Woso Woho: A Pan-African Celebration:

“Woso Woho,” translating to “Shake Your Body” in Akan, is a celebration of life and a party anthem that seamlessly blends various African elements. Produced by RoRo (Buddy) with collaborative arrangements by Obofour Raphael, the track features Tillie Gya, winner of Appietus Idolz Season, and Nana Ama on the chorus. The infectious live horns are skillfully played by Matthias Nii Darko.

Breakfast: Highlife-Inspired Drill Vibes:

“Breakfast” introduces a unique fusion of highlife and drill music, popularly known as Asakaa. The track delivers a message about finding authentic love after escaping a toxic relationship. Produced by a trio of talented musicians – OldSwat, Zapp Mallet, and Obofour Raphael – the track is mixed and mastered by Mark Eyden of Sun Street Recording Studios in the UK.

The entire maxi single project is now available on all major digital platforms, inviting listeners to experience the rich blend of Hiplife, Highlife, and Hip Hop artistry. To cap a copy and immerse yourself in the musical world of Obofour Raphael, follow the link below.


Obofour Raphael’s “Afutuo (Counselling)” maxi single project is a testament to his versatility as a recording artist, songwriter, and producer. As we await the release of his full-length studio album in 2024, this musical compilation is a glimpse into the artist’s diverse influences and commitment to delivering captivating sounds that transcend borders and genres. Embrace the rhythmic journey crafted by Obofour Raphael, where each track is a unique melody waiting to be discovered.

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