Spotify empowers Ghanaian creators with donation to Vibrate Space

Ghanaian musicians are making waves on Spotify, with their music being streamed in markets around the world. Artists like Black Sherif, known for his unique blend of hip-hop and reggae, and Amaarae, a singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, are gaining popularity in countries like Nigeria, the U.K., Chile, India, and Mexico. Other artists such as Moliy, Gyakie, Kofee Bean, and many more are also seeing listenership in countries like the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and France.

Spotify is committed to supporting artists and creators across Africa, and recently made a donation to Vibrate Space, a community recording studio and music business program operated by Surf Ghana in Accra. The donation, administered over a two-year period, aims to further support young Ghanaian artists by providing education, mentorship, and opportunities to create, connect, and collaborate. Vibrate Space has already registered over 200 studio bookings and hosted numerous events and classes in the past six months.

The partnership between Spotify and Vibrate Space started in September 2022 with an initial donation that helped launch the studio. The additional funding from Spotify will support Vibrate’s plans to expand its offerings, including a festival, a program to support artists in organizing their own events, and the establishment of a youth hostel to provide affordable short-term accommodation for young artists while fostering collaboration and community-building. Vibrate also aims to establish an artist-in-residency and exchange program, a women’s program to support female artists, and expand their educational offerings with monthly masterclasses and a three-month instrument learning program.

Speaking about the partnership, Sandy Alibo, founder and director of Surf Ghana, expressed gratitude for Spotify’s support of the alternative music scene and their commitment to helping young and emerging artists in Ghana. Phiona Okumu, Head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa at Spotify, highlighted the company’s efforts to support artists in each of their markets and praised the partnership with Vibrate for promoting Ghanaian music and culture.

African artists come alive during a Spotify event at Vibrate Space studios in Accra, Ghana. Creators Amaarae, Black Sherif, Baaba J, M3NSA, Moses Sumney, Ria Boss, TMSKDJ, Joey B, and Poetra Asantewa were joined by Spotify executives Phiona Okumu and Joe Hadley for a special announcement.

In addition to the donation to Vibrate Space, Spotify has been actively working to promote African music and support its creators on and off the platform. Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy, Managing Director for Spotify SSA, emphasized the company’s global platform with a local focus approach and their plans to support artists across the region. Spotify also facilitated an artist discussion with various Ghanaian musicians to discuss the company’s efforts in the region, the benefits of streaming, and the importance of artist-fan connections.

With Ghanaian artists gaining international recognition on Spotify and increased support from the Creator Equity Fund, the music industry in Ghana is experiencing a moment of growth and recognition, providing aspiring young artists with opportunities to further their careers and showcase their talent on a global platform.

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