Seraph Star On Artist Spotlight

Seraph Star On Artist Spotlight

You might be wondering, who is Seraph Star?

Seraph Star is an ace musician and talented songwriter gaining ground with his spirit-inspired songs across the land of milk and honey, Accra-Ghana. Known offstage as Mintah Bernard  Kwabena, He was born as a twin in Oda in the Eastern region of Ghana into a large family of Thirteen. He has a soft spot for  AfroDancehall and doesn’t mind creating his songs from a fusion of other genres  such as Hiphop Drill Dancehall,

Afrobeat and Highlife

When asked why Seraph Star, the Afro dancehall artist expounded that, he chose Seraph Star as a stage name through inspiration from the Bible as he is of the belief that names do have impacts on our lives. “It’s a name of an Arch Angel called Seraphim who the Bible declared that they shine powerfully.” “Therefore I felt in my spirit I should use the name Seraph Star since I have the aim to shine and take over in the music industry”, he added.

To Seraph Star, music has been a part of his life since Secondary although he never thought of taking it up as a career path.

He reveals that it all changed when he got a revelation from an examiner during the 2018/2019 NovDec examination. He believes that was the push he needed and got it.


He had his basic education at Chorkor Presby, New Hope of Glory at Shiabu, and Believers International School respectively. He later gained admission into Senior High School to study Metalwork at Koforidua Secondary Technical School (SecTech). For the tertiary level, Seraph Star pursued Mechanical Engineering at Accra Technical University.


Entertainment in Schools they say, is one of the surefire ways to develop the potential in the coming youth, energize, excite, and expose them to the industry. Well, that did the job for the youthful Seraph Star. It opened opportunities for him to showcase his talents to friends and family at Accra Technical University and beyond.

He had the opportunity to perform at his Alma mater during the annual ATU SRC AKWAABA event in 2023 with some popular artists in Ghana.


Talking about the whole picture of Seraph Star, he affirms that songwriting inspirations come from many angles. With the knowledge that music is dynamic and is food for the soul, he meticulously pens down ideas for his songs based on the melody or tempo he wishes to use and how interesting he expects the outcome to be.

On other days, he just has to take a creative nap and the lyrics just come pouring in afterward.


Seraph Star has one album; produced, mixed, and mastered by two producers. Produced by Skenxie, mixed and mastered by Kachibeatz. The album was created on January 17, 2023, and released with the entire album on  January 27, 2023. Interestingly, each song in the album carries a memorable message for listeners.

The THIRD SERMON is a Hiphop Drill song, written based on the Afro dancehall artist’s life experiences. It explains how the poor have no friends because of their financial state yet the rich experience the opposite.

The HIGHER is an Afrobeat song, written through the inspiration of a beat played by his producer. It elaborates on love and the very expectations and promises of love. The song further warns evil wishers to stay clear.

SA NSUO (fetch Water For Me) is also a highlife song based on a life story written in a studio session. It creatively describes how one falls in love and has to endure loneliness when your partner leaves.


Being a better person now and always has been the talent guru’s inspiration and undeniably, it is working well for him. He is determined and has recorded a lot of improvement since he took his first step in the music industry.

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